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The Labia Theatre is 70 this Year

The Labia Theatre is a landmark in Cape Town, a film institution that is celebrating its 70th birthday this year. The independent theatre, based in Orange Street recently had a face lift, maintaining its old world feel yet improving its technology, amenities and general feel. While a provocative anatomical name, it was originally an Italian Embassy ballroom, inaugurated by Italian royalty, namely Princess Labia. While seemingly singular, it's not the only piece of history looking back to this era, sharing its name with the Casa Labia in St James, Cape Town.

Labia Theatre - 70 years

While the Labia Theatre is celebrating its 70th year, it wasn't long ago that the cinema complex was under threat of closure. The pressure to go digital made it difficult to keep running without embracing the new age, forcing the cinema to appeal to the wider public through crowd-sourcing platforms like Thunderfund. The necessary funding was secured to upgrade projectors and revamp, giving fans a chance to feel invested in the future of the Labia.

Independent and arthouse film lovers have come to rely on the Labia Theatre, which entertains a wide spectrum of films ranging from commercial films through to foreign films and documentaries. Very much a part of the Cape Town film community, keeping one foot in the past and one in the present, it's a special place that holds many wonderful silver screen memories.

Celebrating its 70th along with Roodeberg Wines, which also turned 70 this year, the cinema has planned a red carpet event to acknowledge this milestone. While some cinemas seem to be under constant threat in our ever evolving age of home entertainment, the Labia Theatre has survived, continuing to offer its loyal filmgoers a unique and even retro magical movie experience. Make a point of visiting the grand dame if you haven't ever, or just simply check their schedule to find something that you can add to your collection of cherished memories.

Reasonably priced movie tickets, a wide selection of confectionery items and old school charm make this not only a tourist attraction but a place with its own personality.