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The Social Dilemma: A Wake Up Call For All The Social Media Addicts

We've seen many documentaries in the past that are trying to raise concern about social media networks, but nothing like The Social Dilemma. There are many different thoughts about this movie/documentary from people.

Some say that it is a bit too much, and they see social media networks in a different way, while others say that the potential threat from social media networks presents an imminent danger.

This documentary is directed by Jeff Orlowski, which is famous for giving us similarly terrifying documentaries like Chasing Ice and Chasing Coral.

The Social Dilemma raises questions about social media networks and how they are controlling our behavior. In other words, 'social dilemma' implies that our brains are manipulated and even rewired by algorithms that are designed to get our attention at all costs.

It is made in a way that you would feel that we are on the verge of nuclear war, which raises the question, are social media networks that dangerous?

We've seen other documentaries that ask the same question like Screened Out and The Great Hack, but The Social Dilemma has one great advantage.

While other documentaries have impressive experts that explain the situation, The Social Dilemma features experts who got us in this position. We can see executives from Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook responsible for taking social media to this place.

As the film unfolds, we see people talking about stories that they feel uncomfortable and embarrassed by doing things to get people's attention in the past.

In other words, they are confessing and apologizing for the events we are witnessing every day. For example, we have Justin Rosenstein, who is the inventor of Facebook's most ubiquitous feature, the "like" button. At that time, they intended to spread positivity, and they didn't know that a "like" button could become a problem.

However, the problem becomes bigger when people are judged based on social media likes. You might be considered cool or a loser based on the number of likes you have.

This can cause more serious problems like anxiety, depression, self-harm, and even suicide attempts, especially by the younger population.

So, even though these experts assure us that their intentions were good, we still have a problem that we need to address.

In the film, we can see another confession from Facebook’s head of "monetization" who is responsible for making an algorithm that is hard to resist, and it is designed to seduce people to come to the network.

Even though The Social Dilemma explains facts along the way, the biggest mistake in the movie was the poorly-conceived dramatic enhancements of some of the perils of social media networks.

This documentary is made in a great way featuring impressive animation that shows us how algorithms work. It is truly scary.

Aside from all the executives that are telling their story, we have a background story that of a couple of families explaining how social media separates people.

Yes, this documentary has many bold calls, and you may think that they are over-exaggerating the situation with social media, but it is nice to see documentaries spreading awareness based on facts. It's hard to predict what the future will bring to us, but since algorithms are getting smarter and smarter on their own, the future based on this documentary seems inevitable.

If you are a fan of documentaries about social media or you are a tech fan, you should definitely consider watching The Social Dilemma. This documentary will definitely change how you look at all social media platforms.

So, the next time you open your phone and see an ad for a wrestling-related product, you'll know how the algorithm predicted your interest in the best MMA odds, for example.

They might have gone over the top with some claims about the future, but at this point, anyone can be right, since nobody can predict the outcome from this technology advancement.