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Movie Review: Pronoia

Pronoia is a haunting, eerie and atmospheric mystery sci-fi drama short film written and directed by Nick Efteriades, starring Stelio Savante, Hannah Jane McMurray, Catherine Chadwick and Lou Mastantuono. A man (Savante) and woman (McMurray) wait out a rainstorm in a hotel bar somewhere between '"here and nowhere.' When the TV news reports the disappearance of a high-ranking Pentagon official, neither he nor she know of the ramifications it will have on their brief, seductive encounter.

The intriguing title, Pronoia, refers to a state of mind and polar opposite to paranoia, describing the sense that there is a conspiracy that exists to secretly benefit people. The Shining's influences are present in the hotel corridors, ghostly patrons and lobby as a curious dialogue plays out between a couple, whose alienated standpoint creates palpable tension. We're thrown in the deep end, as this dark, cold and sleek film plays out with minimalist precision. From the graceful camera movement, we get a suave look at what seems like an excerpt from a much broader work.

We're entranced by the mysterious man at the centre of Pronoia, played by South Africa's very own Stelio Savante. Surrounded by question marks, we try to get a better understanding of him as Savante's mercurial performance keeps us guessing, unsettled and on edge, waiting for him to explode with answers. He's supported by Hannah Jane McMurray, who heightens the intrigue with her exquisite features, an otherworldly disposition and a deer-in-the-headlights vulnerability.

The story seeps out in moments as we piece together a puzzle, which is obscured to layer further tension. Pronoia swathes itself in atmosphere and style in a similar fashion to the work of Anton Corbijn. While beautiful, the jagged storytelling leaves one feeling alienated and muddled, feeding on scraps and falling back on the eerie atmosphere and pensive mood. While somewhat incoherent as a short film, one gets a good taster of what to anticipate from a full feature.