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Trevor Noah: Daywalker Revisited DVD

Trevor Noah is The DaywalkerTrevor Noah is The Daywalker. Now before you start searching Dictionary.com or browsing through your Anne Rice, Robert Pattinson or True Blood memory archives, you should know that it's his nickname, derived amongst his childhood friends. Trevor's father is Swiss, his mother is Xhosa... and it was just safer (and easier) for Trevor to be classified as 'Albino' living with his mother in Soweto during the Apartheid era. His other Albino friends called him 'DW' for Daywalker, because to their amazement the kid could withstand harsh UV rays without burning up.

Trevor Noah has led an interesting life, straddled between cultures, races and eras in the Rainbow Nation... he's been able to view the changes in South Africa with what you could probably call the inside joke. Naturally, this led him to become a comedian... after all, how can you blame any homegrown talent from seeing the funnier side of life with the wealth of material in day-to-day South Africa.

Trevor's stand-up comedy is similar to Robin Williams, whose solid understanding of the media circus surrounding political and social conditions forge their comedy. Noah is also blessed with the gift of the gab and is able to tune into the voices of Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Helen Zille, Nelson Mandela and other racial stereotypes at will without causing offence. The clean-cut comedian has great a on-stage presence and isn't afraid to get physical... while spouting his political, social and biographical brand of comedy. The invisible direction in his Daywalker DVD, filmed at the Lyric Theatre leaves Trevor to entertain without relying on gimmicky shots or props.

The material has the audience in stitches and while some of his humour is quite suggestive, he keeps it PG. His performance is excellent, he holds one's attention for the full duration of his performance and he never misses a beat. The only criticism is that his ambitious (bordering controversial) Madiba sketch, probably should find its way somewhere in the middle of his routine to leave the audience on a slightly more positive note. All in all, it's a hilarious first encounter with a promising young South African comedian, who will no doubt be filling the house for many years to come... The Daywalker: Revisited is the re-released version of The Daywalker, which features nearly 2 hours of footage with roughly 50 minutes of brand new comedy material.

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